The Devil's Porridge Museum

HM Factory Gretna was the largest munitions factory built in World War One, straddling the borders of England and Scotland. Thousands of people worked there during the war, and research volunteers at The Devil’s Porridge Museum have spent the last few months uncovering this previously untold history.

Now we want to write biographical articles of the more notable workers at the Factory onto Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is the fifth most read website in the world, and as an online encyclopaedia is often the first port of call for those dabbling in online research. However, Wikipedia has a gender problem. Most of its biographical articles are written by and about men. HM Factory Gretna was a large employer of women during the war, and many of these women workers, or ‘Gretna Girls’ as they were known, were doing dangerous jobs previously reserved for men.

Participants will learn the basics of Wikipedia editing during this online Wikithon, and will be supported during the session in creating or improving upon Wikipedia articles for HM Factory Gretna workers. No prior knowledge is needed as full training will be given. However, it is recommended that you sign up for a Wikipedia account prior to this workshop.

You will learn valuable digital skills, be supported throughout, and meet other Wiki Editors who have the common goal of improving Wikipedia. If you have any issues, contact @lauranoakes on twitter or email

Join us to write untold histories onto the online encyclopaedia!