Scotland’s Census is coming next year

The next census in Scotland will take place on Sunday March 20, 2022. So, what is the census and why is it so important that everyone in Scotland takes part?

For more than 200 years Scotland has relied on the information the census provides. By asking people who live in Scotland to provide information about themselves and where they live, the Scottish Government and other public bodies can make decisions about how public money is spent on essential services like schools, roads and healthcare in our local communities.

These help to improve the lives of those living and working in Scotland. The benefits of the census to you and your community can last a long time.

This will be a digital first census, where we hope online completion will be the preferred option for the majority, although paper questionnaires will be available to those who request them. There will be help available to everyone who needs it when completing the census questionnaire, from a free helpline to online support.

The census also becomes part of our history. In the future our descendants will be able to find out about us and how we lived. The census is a vital exercise for the people of Scotland to participate in and we all need to play our part in recording an accurate picture of the make-up and needs of our country.

We are currently recruiting people across Scotland to help us deliver the census in 2022, check out our latest vacancies.

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