Board Member

FedUp Cafe
Good communication skills; team working; collective decision making;

This is a rewarding opportunity to join the founding charity trustees of the FedUp Community Café, to help it develop, grow and become sustainable.

FedUp Community Café was formed to benefit the community of Wigtownshire to help prevent and reduce poverty and isolation by offering a place for people to come and feel welcome. a place to get a good meal and not have to worry about the bill.

As a trustee you will help to set and maintain FedUp Community Café’s vision, mission and values. You will also help to ensure that FedUp Community Café:

  • pursues its charitable purposes as defined in its Governing Document
  • complies with relevant legislation or regulations
  • works towards sustainability by developing a funding strategy
  • maintains the financial stability of FedUp Community Café,
  • resources are well managed and used effectively

As a trustee you will also be involved in appointing and supporting FedUp Community Café staff.

New Trustees should be able to attend at least 75% of meetings per year, actively participate, to read papers in advance of meetings and participate in other tasks as arising from time to time,

It is important to note that no one individual is responsible for the governance of the FedUp Café, rather we act collectively and make decisions based on collective responsibility.

Not had experience as a trustee? Don’t worry – We have a buddy scheme in place to support all new trustees

Please submit a personal statement explaining why you are interested in becoming a trustee with FedUp Community Café. An informal interview will be part of the recruitment process.

Benefits of being a board member with the FedUP Café include

  • Supporting the work of organisation.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Being part of a team.
  • Developing new and existing skills.