Fundraising volunteers

Alzheimer Scotland
Being a fundraising volunteer requires a people centred, confident person who feels comfortable around members of the public. The roles will be varied so the ability to switch between roles with ease is required and, depending on the types of roles, there may be times when you’re working alone. We have many opportunities to benefit from bag packs and bucket collections, so we need our volunteers to be comfortable handling money and being an ambassador for the charity – as many people who donate will have a personal reason for wanting to support Alzheimer Scotland. We want our volunteers to put the ‘fun’ into ‘fundraising’ and cheer Team AlzScot on at every opportunity, so a big smile and a positive attitude is a definite must!

Being a fundraising volunteer is a fast paced, upbeat role which can change daily. Some of the things you may expect to be asked to help with would include:

  • Taking part in fundraising events such as bag packs and bucket collections
  • Forming cheer squads to help cheer participants at events such as runs and walks
  • Participation in event set up and de-rig where required
  • Being an inspirational and motivational voice for our supporters and an ambassador for our charity
  • Assisting with licensing and liaising with proprietors for collection dates
  • Assisting fundraising staff in identifying possible opportunities for our charity
  • Taking on the role of our mascot, Buddy, at events
  • Attending cheque presentations and speaking on our behalf

Additionally our fundraising team are always looking for talented photographers and videographers who would wish to donate their skills to capturing those special moments at events.