Getting Started
Identifying The need
Common Reasons for Delay or Returned Applications

First thing to consider is a list of points that funders will require you to have before they will entertain your application.


  • Up to date and signed constitution or governing document.
  • An open membership.
  • A functioning board or management committee.
  • Permission from your board to apply for funding.

Financial management

  • Any match funding information (if required).
  • Most recent independently examined annual accounts.
  • Up to date accounting record.
  • UK bank account in the correct organisation name.
  • Two or more unrelated signatories for the bank account and cheques.
  • Reserves policy.


  • Evidence of need.
  • Planning permission or building consent (if relevant).
  • A system for monitoring the project.

Once, you have gone through the funding ready checklist, it is time to finetune your funding application. Here are some further tips to help you showcase your organisation.

Must dos:

  • Always read the guidance and criteria before you start.
  • Make sure you are eligible before you apply.
  • Be honest.
  • Make sure your figures add up.
  • Can you evidence your budgets?
  • Attach the documents they need.
  • Ensure bank account details match those of statements.
  • Be clear and make sure the application can answer key questions about your project.
  • Make sure you can evidence the need for your activity.
  • Look for funding to suit your project, rather than trying to fit your project to a particular funding source.
  • Telephone the funder if you need advice.

Here are a few common reasons for delay or returned applications

  • It does not qualify or meet the criteria.
  • Wrong application form has been used.
  • Application has not been fully filled in.
  • Supporting documents have not been attached.
  • The application has not been signed.

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