If you would like a structured approach to help you get started, download this Business Plan Template.

This will take you through a series of structured questions and if you can think these through and capture some answers, even if they are just initially ones, it will really help you move forward. You will quickly see where you may need to go and get some more information or perhaps think about a part of your idea in more detail.

Once you have described the background or context, which might be the challenge or problem you think needs addressing. It might be how you came to generate the idea. Next the process will prompt you to look at your motivation and current situation. From here it takes you on a journey to explore an idea or ideas for your product or service, the marketplace and how you might get going.

Any preparation you have done before speaking to us will be helpful, but don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance – sometimes we just need to talk things over with a critical friend to help our thinking to evolve.

For further support, you can also explore these Links to other external organisations helping social enterprises.