The 7Stars Foundation

The 7Stars Foundation offers three funding streams that prioritise abuse, addiction, child carers and safe homes.

The three funding streams are:

  • Project Applications – for people 16 years old and younger
  • Long Term Applications – for people 16 years old and younger
  • Direct Funding – for people 18 years old and younger

Project Application: These grants award up to £5000 to organisations with a turnover under £1.5M. Projects must be aligned to values of Potential, Opportunity, Fairness  & Impact. Successful applicants will deliver a project which enables young people to have the best start in life and will have a direct impact that will respond to a need in an immediate matter.

Long Term Application: Any organisations applying for a long term application must have a turnover of under £500,000. Unrestricted grant funding awarded on a two year commitment, up to £20,000 per year, with a focus on capacity building and enabling organisations to reach further.

Direct Funding: Grants are for between £100 – £1000 and is available for young people directly. This funding is to help them overcome or heal from abuse; addiction, support for those in transition or without a place to call home. This type of funding must be supported or submitted by a social, outreach or support worker.

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