The Mushroom Trust

The Mushroom Trust is a Scottish charitable trust that donates funds to a number of organisations and charities primarily involved in the improvement of green spaces with a particular focus on horticulture.

The Trustees have made a variety of donations ranging from £500 to £10,000. Typically the Trustees make grants of up to £5000 to a number of organisations. Larger donations may be available.

In recent years the Trustees have supported a broad variety of projects such as improving paths for public access, enabling the commissioning of landscaping designs for long term planting, developing allotments, enriching planting, improving public parks and play areas, and planting community gardens and orchards.

The Trustees work with other charities, such as Edinburgh & Lothian Greenspace Trust, National Trust and Royal Horticultural Society as well as a number of smaller groups. The Trustees are interested in supporting projects that can demonstrate public involvement and community based fundraising. Furthermore, the trustees are keen to support organisations that might have difficulties in obtaining public funding from other sources.

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