The Naturesave Trust

The Trust obtains 100 per cent of its funding from the premiums generated by Naturesave Insurance.

The Trust focuses primarily on grant funding for environmental projects, but also funds environmental consultations for SMEs and a long running tree planting programme.

Over many years, the Naturesave Trust has provided a wide variety of grants mainly to small grassroots organisations that really make a difference but often struggle to find funding.

The areas of funding include nature conservation (improving outcomes for our native flora and fauna), sustainable communities (community growing projects to organisations specialising in recycling and repair) and renewable energy.

The Trust has supported many renewable energy projects, particularly in the field of community energy. As renewable energy infrastructure is usually beyond the scope of funding it is more common for the trust to support start-up costs and feasibility studies to help ensure these projects go ahead. this includes funding to launch share offers.

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