SCAA Event Volunteer [20508]

Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance
Positive manner. Happy to talk with a diverse group of people. Comfortable with cash handling and contactless donation methods.

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) saves and improves lives across Scotland, delivering expert paramedic care at the scene of time-critical emergencies.
Our fundraising volunteers play a vital role in raising awareness and funds for SCAA across Scotland. Event Volunteers attend both small and large events in the community. Everyone loves to interact with us at events, often taking photos or having a friendly chat.

Role Summary
Sign up to available events that suit you.
Events vary but typically focused on teamwork.
Set up and dismantle the stalls/gazebo.
Run an info, merchandise, refreshments, or tombola stall.
Or one of our fun activities eg facepainting, guess the view from the crew etc.
Marshall at Events to ensure the safety of guests.
Engage and answer questions people may ask, hear both personal and SCAA related stories.
Raise awareness of SCAA utilising info leaflets eg lottery, fundraising, donations and volunteering.

Training and Support
Welcome induction about SCAA and our history.
Specialised Event Volunteer training.
Named contact with Community Fundraising Staff for support and queries.
Regular updates and training.