Secretary [20497]

Bump, baby and beyond
Microsoft office and email
  • As Secretary, you are the head administrator for Bump, Baby and Beyond. Your remit is broad; as well as having an overview of the general running of the admin systems of the Organisation, you’ll provide a key customer service function, acting as a linchpin between internal and external stakeholders. You will also ensure the smooth running of Board (and related) meetings. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Organisation, and not least the Board, couldn’t function effectively without you.
  • Ideally, you will be:
    A capable time and systems manager who can delegate effectively
  • Confident and an excellent communicator
  • Skilled at administration, minute taking and other meeting procedures
  • Well organised and conscientious
  • IT literate
  • What you will do:
    Act as a communication link between Board Members, as well as between our key stakeholders and the Board
  • Manage and record all inward and outward Board / Organisational
    correspondence, making sure all necessary actions are followed up
  • Manage legal, data protection and insurance matters
  • Manage everything to do with memberships for individuals and organisations
    including subscriptions, database, communication and invites to meetings
  • Provide necessary details to relevant membership and other bodies
  • Distribute the right paper work to the right people across the Organisation, at the right time
  • Supporting the Chairperson, organise the AGM, Board and other Organisation meetings, preparing agendas and papers, and taking minutes
  • Lead on the implementation of all policies relating to information management
  • Supporting any staff or volunteers undertaking administrative functions
  • Lead (or have lead overview) on any administrative sections of the
    Development plan.

What you will get out of it:
Running (or delegating) the administrative functions shows considerable command of high level organisational skills. It’s a highly respected post from any perspective, within the community and the world of work. You’ll be able to see the results of your efforts very clearly, as there’s a high correlation between a well run Organisation and its success in delivering positive outcomes.