Board Trustee [20534]

Home-Start Dumfries
Weekdays. support new social enterprise ideas for removing the deep-rooted obstacles that prevent individuals and communities from living fulfilling and dignified lives, particularly in light of the current, well-publicised rising cost of living.

This is an opportunity to become involved in the foundation and development of a new Home-Start charity in Dumfries. Home-Start is an organisation whose volunteers offer regular support, friendship and practical help to young families under stress in their own homes, or as groups, and helping to prevent family crisis or breakdown. More information is available at

Substantial financial support has been given by the Wm. Grant Foundation for setting up a Home-Start in Dumfries, and while this is currently being managed by the established Home-Start Wigtownshire charity, the plan is to recruit a board of trustees for Dumfries and become an independent charity within a year.

This year we have taken an office in central Dumfries and employed a Senior Coordinator who is already establishing contacts within local agencies involved in supporting families. We also have three volunteers in training, who will be the first of a larger group which will support young families in the wider community. What we now need is a Board of Trustees to provide continuing support and guidance at a local level.

Other than the ability to identify with the objectives of Home-Start and commitment to furthering these, no special requirements are necessary to be considered as a board member, although a background in financial management or law would be an additional bonus.