Consultation begins on Scotland’s National Planning Framework 4

The Scottish Government has laid a draft National Planning Framework 4 (Draft NPF4) in the Scottish Parliament.

NPF4 will be a long term plan for Scotland that sets out how the Scottish Government’s approach to planning and development will help to achieve a net-zero, sustainable Scotland by 2045.

NPF4 will guide spatial development, set out Scotland’s national planning policies, and will designate certain developments or classes of development as ‘national developments’ for which Ministers have established a need in principle.

When adopted (planned for summer 2022) NPF4 will have the status of the development plan for planning purposes. This means that its policies should inform day to day decision making in the planning system. It will also guide local development plans and will be relevant to regional spatial strategies and important for communities as they develop their Local Place Plans.

Draft NPF4 is now subject to Parliamentary scrutiny for up to 120 days and the Scottish Government is inviting representations until 31 March 2022. The Government is encouraging the submission of responses through the Scottish Government’s consultation portal.

The Government wants to encourage responses to the consultation from a wide range of interests and have therefore prepared a range of resources to help people and communities respond. These resources include:

– emerging details of a range of online discussions which you can sign up for.

– access to online material on NPF4, including on regional and thematic issues.

– details of the 18 proposed national developments.

– details of a community grant scheme to support communities respond to the consultation.

These, and other resources, can be found on