Better Lives Partnership joins additional support needs learning network

Better Lives Partnership (BLP) is part of a new pilot programme to create wider opportunities for people with additional support needs.

The ASN (Additional Support Needs) Learning Network is supported by South of Scotland Enterprise and funded by Inspiring Scotland.

The aims of this network are to increase employment opportunities, share best practices, and encourage innovation as well as identify barriers to opportunities for autistic people, those with learning disabilities and those with sensory impairment.

Carolyn Kennedy, BLP’s Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted to be involved with this group. Having given a ‘spotlight presentation’ to the Network at their meeting in early April, I am delighted that BLP has been included in the Report’s section on Examples of Innovative Solutions”

In April 2022, the ASN Learning Network released its first report which summarises the background and outlines the aims of the network, and discussions from sessions with members. The report is free and available to the public to read HERE.

Better Lives Partnership is delighted to join the ASN Learning Network. The network grew from a joint concept between the Usual Place of Dumfries and BANG in the Scottish Borders.

Better Lives Partnership will feature in a spotlight in the second report.

Started in 2016, Better Lives Partnership (BLP) supports young people with Autism and other additional needs in Dumfries and Galloway.

BLP has services located in Castle Douglas, Stranraer, and Dumfries. It aims to give young autistic people a structured programme of person-centred accredited training in their area of interest and expertise, work-related skills and to prepare them for the next step towards employment, self-employment, education, training or volunteering.

BLP’s flagship project, Bridge 2 Employment (B2E), develops unique opportunities for each young person that incorporates one or all of the following; employability skills, work experience and social enterprise.

BLP is unique to Dumfries and Galloway in terms of its delivery style and target group. There are no clear post-school options for the target group of young people with ASD and related disabilities, especially for those living outside of Dumfries.