Carers benefit directly by over £1million from new partnership

Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre, in collaboration with Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service, is proud to announce a significant milestone in their ongoing partnership.

To date, the organisations have recorded remarkable financial gains for clients, exceeding £1 million.

This substantial sum directly contributes to the well-being of Carers and the individuals they care for, underscoring the impactful nature of the joint initiative.

Since the pandemic an increasing number of unpaid Carers approached the Carers Centre to ask for financial help and advice.

To increase the timely access to this and to reduce waiting lists, the Carers Centre agreed to invest funding to purchase a dedicated Welfare Benefits Advisor from the Citizens Advice Service.

He was based in the Carers Centre one day per week since October 2022 and has played a pivotal role in facilitating access to benefits and financial support for Carers across the region. The seamless collaboration between the two services has not only addressed the increasing demands but has translated this into tangible financial gains for the community

The recorded financial gains represent a direct injection of support into the pockets of Carers and those they care for, alleviating financial burdens and fostering improved overall well-being.

It has also provided a real opportunity to increase support to Carers in this area at a time where other services that support Carers have been reduced or have not returned to the same level post the pandemic. This achievement is a testament to the effectiveness of the partnership in meeting the diverse needs of Carers within the Dumfries & Galloway community.

As the organisations celebrate this milestone, they remain committed to expanding their efforts. The Carers Centre will continue to fund for an additional year with an additional day meaning the advisor will now be providing this dedicated service two days a week.

This expansion aims to meet the increasing demand for specialised support services and further enhance the financial well-being of Carers within the community. The funding to continue this successful partnership has been provided by the Dumfries and Galloway Integrated Joint Board via Carers Strategy funds ensuring that this funding is being targeted directly to the Carers it aims to support.

The Carers Centre and Citizens Advice Service expressed gratitude to all involved parties, acknowledging the collaborative spirit that has made the achievement possible. The recorded financial gains exemplify the positive impact of proactive community partnerships and highlight the importance and commitment to continue support for Carers in the region.