Welcome to Ken Scott, the new Loch Ken Ranger

Loch Ken Trust are delighted to announce the appointment of Ken Scott as the new Loch Ken Seasonal Ranger, taking post in coming weeks.

The Loch Ken Trust was established in 2020 to “promote the natural, cultural and recreational assets of the Loch Ken area for the benefit of the public and to support sustainable local communities.”  

Using funds from a variety of sources, including a contribution from the Blackcraig Wind Farm Community Fund, administered by Foundation Scotland working in partnership with the Glenkens and District Trust, the Loch Ken Trust has undertaken a recruitment process for a Ranger to support users and communities around the Loch through the summer months.

The successful candidate is Ken Scott, a retired police officer now living in Kirkcudbright, and a frequent user of the Loch.

Upon his appointment, Ken, pictured right with Chair Alan Smith, said: “I feel privileged to have been chosen for the new and very exciting position of Loch Ken Ranger and thank the Trustees for affording me the opportunity to launch and develop this role. After first visiting Loch Ken in the 1990s and more recently relocating to Kirkcudbright, I started using the Loch recreationally, truly learning just how special this area of Dumfries & Galloway is.

“The warm and welcoming people I have met at every juncture have made this a special place for me and I look forward to working with the Loch Ken Trustees on behalf of local communities, businesses, user groups and visitors, enriching their experience of the Loch.

“Initially I will be prioritising my time to be at the Loch during periods of peak activity and hoping to meet as many people as possible out and about. Outside of those times I would encourage any issues be brought to my attention, either by email or phone.

“I appreciate there is a vast amount of work to be done over the next six months, but in collaboration with the communities, I envisage the building blocks being laid to make the Loch Ken Ranger role a success for this and future years.”

Alan Smith, Loch Ken Trust Chairman, said: “Many thanks to everyone that applied for the position, we were blown away by the quantity and quality of the applicants. We are delighted that Ken has taken on the role, assisting the range of volunteers and partners around the area to ensure visitors and residents get the best from the amazing asset that is the Loch.

“This feels like a significant milestone and while we are not yet able to provide a full-time ranger presence, the Loch Ken Trust has a number of funding applications underway which will hopefully allow us to increase coverage in due course.”

If you would like to get in touch with the Loch Ken Trust, or if you would like to join as a member, please contact Barnaby Fryer, Loch Ken Trust Officer on: barnaby.fryer@lochkenalive.co.uk.