Category: Charity

Seven duties of a company director

These statutory duties are owed by each director to the company and form the basis of what being a company director is all about. Link to

Fundraising Guidance

Guidance on the law around fundraising and how the self-regulation system works in Scotland and rest of the UK. Link to OSCR.

Charities and Trading

This Guide looks at the main ways a charity can trade and what charity trustees need to consider. Link to OSCR.

Annual monitoring

It is a legal requirement for all charities to send a copy of their accounts to OSCR. What do you need to send?

Good Governance

Discover the elements that, when handled properly, make for good governance in a charity or third sector organisation. Link to OSCR.

What is an Unincorporated Association?

Voluntary or unincorporated association: a further guide to help you decide on the structure of your organisation. Link to SCVO.

Meeting the charity test: Guidance

To be a Scottish charity or a charity registered in Scotland your organisation must pass the charity test. Link to OSCR.

What it means to be a charity?

An organisation can only become a charity if it meets the ‘charity test’, meaning that it must show it has only charitable purposes and benefits the public. Link to OSCR.