Tag: Guide

Community Asset Transfer – Summary

Summary guidance for community groups and organisations looking to take ownership of assets currently controlled by local authorities. Link to Scot Gov.

Fundraising Guidance

Guidance on the law around fundraising and how the self-regulation system works in Scotland and rest of the UK. Link to OSCR.

Charities and Trading

This Guide looks at the main ways a charity can trade and what charity trustees need to consider. Link to OSCR.

Good Governance

Discover the elements that, when handled properly, make for good governance in a charity or third sector organisation. Link to OSCR.

What is an Unincorporated Association?

Voluntary or unincorporated association: a further guide to help you decide on the structure of your organisation. Link to SCVO.

Meeting the charity test: Guidance

To be a Scottish charity or a charity registered in Scotland your organisation must pass the charity test. Link to OSCR.

What it means to be a charity?

An organisation can only become a charity if it meets the ‘charity test’, meaning that it must show it has only charitable purposes and benefits the public. Link to OSCR.

Do you need to be a charity?

There are benefits that come with being a charity but you need to balance these against the legal obligations that come with being a charity. Link to OSCR.