Board Trustee [20600]

Dumfries and Galloway Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Support Centre Ltd
Trustees will be expected to attend bi-monthly board meetings. The time commitment will include the two hour meeting and extra time for preparation e.g. reading documents and reports in advance of the meeting. Trustees may also be expected to attend ad hoc meetings that may include but is not limited to: responding to staff meeting requests, attending finance/budget meetings and focus group sessions on pertinent issues as they arise and require to be dealt with. Other ad hoc duties such as recruitment and personnel issues may require occasional extra commitment. In total trustees who are not office bearers will commit to approximately 5 hours per month. Office bearers may have up to 10-12 hours per month
31st May 2024

Responsible to: DGRC&SASC

The role of the Board is to safeguard and promote the values and mission of the Centre, to determine the strategy and structure of the Centre, to ensure the Centre operates in an effective, responsible and accountable manner and to ensure the effective functioning of the board.
DGRC&SASC work is split into governance, management and operational functions.

Definition: the function carried out by the governing body [‘The Trustees’], having responsibility for decision-making in the areas of overall direction, policy, legal and financial probity, and employment.

Definition: The work of the organisation as it relates to the service users and beneficiaries, and usually carried out by staff and volunteers, Members of the governing body may – in small organisations- also contribute to the operational duties as operational volunteers or sub-group members.

Definition: delegation of decision-making to senior staff or sub-groups, with the function of setting and monitoring the work of the staff: where actions and decisions are within policy frameworks agreed by the board. This function is, therefore, the inter-face between the 2 other levels.


  • Induction, training, and opportunities for development for example feminist governance training, financial training
  • Regular, accurate and relevant information on all aspects of the organisation

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