Job Location: Wigtownshire

Communications Volunteer

To develop and deliver a bi monthly digital newsletter for A Listening Ear which would help us to develop a membership , recruit new volunteers, encourage local support regarding fundraising, showcase our service and the events we intend holding, encourage feedback and ideas from our community to improve our service. This volunteer role would require… Read more »

Chair of Board of Trustees

The Chair will lead the Board of Trustees and ensure that meetings are run effectively and that discussions enable all trustees to participate and that all decisions are made in line with the constitution of the organisation and are fair and democratic. The Chair as a trustee should be able to attend meetings, and to… Read more »


New Trustees should be able to attend meetings, and to read papers in advance of meetings. Participate in other tasks as arising from time to time, such as interviewing new staff or helping with fundraising. Trustees must keep informed about the activities of Wigtown Festival Company (WFC) and wider issues which affect its work. Each… Read more »

Volunteer Tutor in Basic IT Skills

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This is a wonderful opportunity for someone with useful IT user skills and experience and a little spare time to help residents of the charity, or members of the community, to learn and enjoy basic use of computers, smart phones and social media. All IT equipment will be made available and all expenses met. The… Read more »

Red Squirrel volunteer – East Wigtownshire Red Squirrel Group

Summary of role We need people to report their squirrel sightings so that we can assess where the threat is prevalent. You can report sightings of both red and grey squirrels at We also need people to get actively involved in red squirrel conservation. There is a role for everyone and full training is… Read more »